Hot Weather Dressing for Women Over 40


 Hot Weather Dressing for Women Over 40 As one gets older, no matter how fit or slim one is, there are certain areas of body that are best covered up. So its a big challenge to keep cool,  look fashionable and uncover what the fashion folk have to offer women  over 40 when it comes to summer dressing.

If you want to dress appropriately for your age and still look like you have a great sense of style, then you need to focus on:

  • Looking relaxed, which if you are over 40 can be a little challenging, as we are temperature challenged at the best of times.

  • The clothes should be a fitted, not tight, so buy clothes with the right fit. Anything too tight is restrictive and difficult to pull off and anything too baggy can look odd.

  • Choose simple styles without any complicated details.

  • Try to be elegantly stylish think older Italian or French women, they never expose too much flesh and manage that summer in the city look perfect.

  • Mix classic black and white with neutrals as it is easy and always looks stylish.

  • Embrace super dark-wash jeans. Flares, widelegs, even skinnies will look polished and perfect in a deep, dark wash.

  • Try white jeans especially for summer. Paired with citrusy bright and simple jewelry, they look smashing on women of 40.

  • Pick skirts that hit right around knee-length. For the majority of body types, anything lower is unflattering, anything higher might be verging on immodest.

  • Carry a stylish and relatively large handbag. Seek out something fun and biggish to keep your look fresh.

  •  Hot Weather Dressing for Women Over 40 Try to look original in whatever you wear. Avoid wearing clothes that don't flatter your current body shape.

  • Merge  some of your work wardrobe with your weekend wear. Take the top half of an office outfit, and stick it on top of those dark wash jeans. Pair a cute work skirt with a fitted white tee.

  • Indulge in right pair of shoes. If you see a trendy shoe you adore, try it out! Balance it with more conservative pieces, but dont be afraid to splash out with your footwear. A chic 43-year-old in rockin platform gladiators, a knee-length denim pencil skirt, and a belted white button-down is almost too sexy to bear. Stay away from super shiny or patent leather thigh high boots. Matte-looking leather such as suede is one of your best bets, and gives off a mature and alluring look.


Dont be afraid to experiment: If a style calls to you, try it out.



Dated  24 April 2015


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