According to AOA's 2015 American Eye-Q® survey, 58 percent of adults surveyed have experienced digital eye strain as a result of time spent on a computer.


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Yoga Asanas for Healing Cataract

Cataract is describe as presence of opacity or cloudiness in the lens of the eye. The lens is the transparent part that focuses light, allowing us to receive images through the retina.


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Driving Safely Over 60

Wise lifestyle choices, regular eye exams and early detection of disease can significantly improve your chances of maintaining good eye health and vision as you age.


Eye check-ups

Good eye sight can only be maintained by having regular eye check-ups done by an ophthalmologist.


Eye Structure

The Complete manual of Fitness and Well-being


Dry Eye Syndrome

The healthy eye constantly produces tears that lubricate. When a foreign body irritates the eye or when a person cries, more tears are produced. Tears must have the right balance of oil, water, and mucus to be able to protect your eyes.


Nutrition and Your Eye

A recent USDA survey revealed that most adult men and women are deficient in at least one nutrient that is important to eye health.


Looking after your eye sight

The senses often become blunted with age. Changes tend to take place very gradually. If you experience a sudden change in your ability to see or hear, consult a doctor as it may be a sign of underlying illness.  


Ten Steps to Visual Longevity

As we age the lens of our eye loses flexibility, and by 50 most of us need glasses and are holding the "small print" further and further from our eyes. The lens' ability to change shape to accommodate to objects brought close to the eye is called "accommodation". Modern living exacerbates this AGE-RELATED tendency to lose accommodation.  


Vision Supplements for Women over 40

There are certain nutrients that can help delay or prevent eye problems and disease, especially those caused as a result of aging.


Smoking and Eye Damage

New research into the public’s attitude towards eye health from the College of Optometrists reveals that a worrying 56 per cent of smokers are unaware that smoking has links to eye disease which could take their sight.


Cataracts are changes in clarity of the natural lens inside the eye that gradually degrade visual quality. Over 22 million people in the world are blind due to cataract. Are you a candidate? Take the Quiz...


Yoga for Enhanced Vision

Stress and increment in chronological age, tends to weaken the muscles around the eyes. Eyesight becomes weak after the muscles around the eyes lose their elasticity and become rigid.


Top 10 Bad Habits that are Aging Your Eyes

While aging is inevitable, physical decrepitude is not. Many of the outwards signs of growing old can be slowed - and life may even be prolonged - by maintaining a sensible approach to diet. The prevalance of glaucoma, cataracts and dry eye begin to present themselves over the age of 40.


UV rays are invisible, high-energy rays of light that, if absorbed by your eyes, can cause or enhance several eye ailments. This happens because the UV light can cause a reaction in our eye tissue. And once it occurs, it cannot be reversed.


Yoga to Balance Eyestrain

Do you spend your days staring at a computer screen? If you do, you probably know how draining and tiring it can be to your entire body, not just your eyes.


Vision Safety Tips for Swimmers

Swimming in the month of May-June under water with eyes wide open can result in a number of problems which are a serious cause of concern.


Top 10 to Prevent Eye Injury at Work

According to the U.S. CDC (Center for Disease Control & Prevention), April is Women’s Eye Health & Safety Month. This year there are two themes: ‘Eye Safety at Work’ and ‘Healthy Vision: Make It Last a Lifetime.’